Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Nannaj, Solapur, Maharashtra. (October 23-24, 2010)

Black Buck - in the rain

Black Buck - in drizzle

"Nature has some hidden chests where it stores its marvels and when the conditions are affirmative these are opened to mankind. Our mission should be to appreciate and regard and guard them. This is must for survival human race, however we are negligent and one day we will suffer..rather we are suffering. Many of the species and elements of nature are disappearing, getting extinct because of out actions...like the Great Indian Bustard..shrinking habitats and bad policies....GIB is in danger".....Shri B. S. Kulkarni, a well known ornithologist from Solapur, whom we* met coincidently during weekend visit to Nannaj grasslands, was speaking with us and sharing his story and views about the conservation work for GIB.

We were fortunate to see the flagship species of grasslands, i.e. Great Indian Bustard , Blackbucks and Indian wolf at Nannaj grasslands. We could also meet and interact with shri Bhagwat Mhaske, working hardly on tracking, analyzing and contributing towards creation of awareness in people for the protection of Great Indian Bustard.

Shri Mhaske informed us about the current status of GIB and recent developments about the conservation actions. This year the census gave figure of 9 bustards. However he also added that the census is carried out in Government land not the private plots which are scattered in between. There are sightings from various new locations. As GIB is always on the move for the food they sometimes go into the agricultural fields, however they do not cause harm to the crop unlike the blackbucks.

We could see a single male great indian bustard on the evening of 23rd oct 2010 and 24th morning. The bird was as usual picking up meal from the grasses. On 23rd we could also witness a drama in which a wolf first attacked the black bucks nearby the Bustard, it suddenly changed direction and attacked the bustard. After getting alerted it flew off and landed after safe distance. This was the most exciting and memorable moment of the trip. We are thankful to Adesh and Mandar whom we met coincidently at the watch tower, for showing the closer views of Bustard through telescope.

We stayed at Solapur (plenty of good hotels are available in the city) and traveled to Nannaj (20 kms from the city) on these two days. We mostly birded around the main plot of the sanctuary and forest department guest house. Though many of the typical grassland species and variety of birdlife was encountered, the sighting of bustard was the ultimate aim of the trip and bustard did not disappoint us.....At least this time.

*--Ritesh Bagul and Viju Cherayil

Great Indian Bustard and its Habitat

Sight to behold..... GIB in its habitat...shrinking habitat :(((

Booted Eagle

Booted Eagle

Indian Silverbills

Indian Silverbills
Rufous Tailed Lark

Rufous Tailed Lark

Baya Weaverbird

Baya Weaverbird (male)

Bay Backed Shrike

Beautiful jewel - Bay Backed Shrike

Bay Backed Shrike

Beautiful jewel - Bay Backed Shrike

Laughing Dove

Laughing Dove

Southern Grey Shrike

Southern Grey Shrike
(can u see the hiding beetle?)

Brahminey Myna

Brahminey Myna

Black Drongo - Juvenile

Juvenile Black Drongo - perched on the back of the sheep


P said...

Lovely photos.Thanks for sharing

Dhanapal said...

Thats a very informative write up with good pictures


Abhi_Sheetal said...

Hey it's gr8 info to all with nice snaps. & all can check that drama we saw on 23rd & GIB in my FB a/c

kunal said...

was looking forward to a Visit at GIBS and was searching for info, came upon your blog.

I basically want to go for GIB and Indian Wolf.

How was your sighting of the Indian WOlf? Did Mr. Bhagwat Mhaske talk about the indian wolf.

I will be travelling form Delhi so is it possible to talk to him? Just wanted a little bit more info. of the Wolf scene.


Girish said...

Great Post. You are Lucky to watch GIB live in action. Its getting extremely rare these days. Mr B S Kulkarni is working hard in trying to preserve this great sanctuary and the beautiful bird with Local help.

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Wow, very informative and lovely photos posts...

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