Monday, March 7, 2011

Bhigwan -- January 2011

Bhigwan, which is approximately 100 kms away from Pune on the Pune-Solapur highway, is one of charismatic birding location, every year in winter many many of birders and photographers can not resist to visit.

I made two trips this year, birding at the regular spots i.e. Diksal and Kumbhargaon Village. Following are some the photographs presented for your comments and critic.

Click on the photographs to view their bigger size versions....

Little Green Bee Eater

Little Green Bee Eater

Grey Heron - bustard like walking pose

Little cormorant

Intermidiate Egret

Potrait of Little Green Bee Eater

Long Tailed Shrike

Purple Moorhen

Paddyfield Pipit

Grey Heron - fishing

Northern Shoveler - male

Northern Shoveler - male

Intermediate Egret - close up

Golden Oriole

Red Munia - male in moulting

Glossy Ibis

Long tailed shrike - with wasp kill

Pond Heron - Super close up :)

Gull Billed Tern


Black Winged Stilt

Black Winged Stilt

Red Wattled Lapwing

Little Cormorant

Common Sandpiper

Little Cormorant

Glossy Ibis

Common Coot

Painted Stork

White Throated Kingfisher

Grey Heron

White Throated Kingfisher

Black Drongo

Pond Heron - fishing

Little Grebe

All above photographs were taken with Nikon D200 + Nikon 300mm f.8 VR II lens.
Cheers !!!


Surya Prakash said...

Ritesh Beautiful

Anu said...

Beautiful photos!

tauruskvs said...

Hi ritesh
Lovely pictures from Bhigwan.

Capt Haridas said...

Your photos are so good that I thought that I am seeing National Geographic magazine!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

A said...

Nice shots and good info about Bhigwan. Thanks for sharing

P said...

Fantastic photos

P said...


Girish said...

amazing images ritesh. exposure is especially amazing.

kalpana malani said...

wonderful pics!

Dr. Sangeeta Dhanuka said...

Loved the avadavat the best among all these wonderful pics

stealing_demons said...

Hi Ritesh, brilliant photography! Need some advice from you abt planning a trip to Solapur to try and see the Great Indian Bustard. I know the trip is totally worth it in terms of seeing lots of other flaura and fauna, but realistically what are the chances of seeing a GIB there? Are there better chances of seeing some in other sanctuaries?