Sunday, June 26, 2011

Talawe Birding (26/6/11)

We* visited Talawe at Palm beach road, vashi on sunday 26th june 2011. This rainy day birding rewarded with sighting of *Cinamon Bittern* and flock of 100+ Lesser Flamingos, mostly all of Juveniles, settled in the pond for resting on one leg and their necks tucked in.


The blue-tiger butterflies were just hatching from their pupa and it was amazing to see them to take flight after it.

The Green pupa of blue-tiger butterfly


Blue-Tiger just came out of pupa (on the left you can see the butterfly in the pupa)


Fresh Colors

Regular sigthts of Noisy prinias (ashy, plain) busy in taking care of nestlings. Lapwings, Bayas and Munias (red, black-headed and spotted). Few others also included Spot billed duck, grey heron, black-crowned night heron, brahminey kites, gull-billed terns, slender billed gulls, brown-headed gull and common red-shanks.


Black-Headed Munia


Red Munia

-Ritesh Bagul, Alok Bhave.


Amey said...

Superb pictures.... amazing!!

Anu said...

amazing photos!!! makes me want to go there and see these birds!

tauruskvs said...

lovely pics ritesh
great to see you back in action


pakshy said...

wow! amazing man...

Madmanhawk said...

Superb... Where is this place on palm beach road? I heard even BNHS conducts tours there... Can you please give some directions or route o get here ??