Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kaas 2011

Kass plateau, has become tremendously famous in the recent few years, and there is huge influx of visitors which created problems last year and forest department took its note to initiate putting restrictions on the movements of visitors. However, it still attracts the huge attention from the all sort people, may it be botanists, photographers or families with curiosity to view the spectacle. The spectacle of blooming of millions of small colorful, short lived flowers, is still happening every year and next generations could too view this if proper measures are taken. It is to be noted that there are many educated and enlightened people, youngsters from the Satara city working to the safeguard this wonder of nature. As the influx of people increases, the potential of tourism in the form of resorts and sports is posing a serious threat. Majority of private land over the plateau is being developed into hotels, resorts. This is easily to be noticed as I myself visit this place almost every year since 2006. Eventually this land will fall prey to this and huge task of conservation and education to the the locals as well as common visitors about the ethics of protecting the mother nature's wealth will be/is needed. I wish these efforts to acquire more and more strength.

In this modern age of communications over the internet, via facebook, emails, the words are spreading fast, so people get encouraged to visit, but let everybody understand that it is critical to follow the guidelines laid by FD and NGOs , let us respect the Mother Nature's offering.

As a photographer I have derived limitless joy from the spectacles of the wild flowers at Kass uptill now and hope to continue. Many of you who are reading must have seen and experienced what kass means. I feel, its my sincere responsibility to bring out the beauty of kaas in the best possible way. I could add some more information as learned during the nature trip headed by Adesh shivkar and Mandar Khadilkar.
Satara city view from Kass ghat.


Kass Plateau has a very thin layer of sand as the heavy rains and winds wash it out. Small water puddles and streams formed at plateau supports various life forms and rare species like Satara Aponogeton. 

Flowers of "Scarlet Milkweed" (हल्दी-कुमकुम)

Ants on Lantana (Lantana camera, घाणेरी) 
 Verbascum Chinense (कुटकी) 


Smithia bigemina (लहान कावळा)

Solanum xanthocarpum (रानवांगे) 

Glory Lilly (अग्निशिखा) 
The above flower is not pollinated yet and is in dual colors, yellow and red giving it appearance of fire flames.

Glory Lilly (अग्निशिखा) 
The above flower is pollinated and turned into complete red, and on the way to end of its purpose of existence.

Ceropegia Media (मेडी खार्चुडी) also known as "Flytrap" flower.
This flower has interesting method to pollinate, insect which enters from the top open channel have no option to move downwards into the base and pollinate, after which flower droops down vertically and insect is released. It thus keeps the insect as hostage un till it gets pollinated. This group of plants is highly sought after by researchers due its mystical ways. It's tuber is eaten by tribes and locals and is known as हनुमान बटाटा .

Drosera Burmani (Burman's sundew, दवबिंदू ) 

This is another interesting and most popular species found at kaas. As the sand layer is thin and there are very few nutrients remaining due to heavy rains washing them away, the plants have adopted and developed mechanisms to trap insects and take out nutrients. The dew drops is in fact sticky substance to trap the insects. 

Drosera Indica (Indian sundew, गवती दवबिंदू ) 
This is sub-specie of the Drosera. 

Eriocaulon Sedgewikki (Spherical pipewort, गेंद)

 Utricularia Purpurensis (Puprple bladderwart, सीतेची आसवे) 

Jungle Babbler 

Formation of pleocaulus ritchei (टोपली कारवी)

Ceropegia Vincaefolia (कंदील खार्चुडी)

Green Beetle


Euphorbia Laeta (Common hill spurge, दुधी )

Commelina Benghalensis (Whiskered commelina, किणा)

Paracaryopsis colestina (common hill borage, निसुर्डी) 

Ceropegia Vincaefolia (कंदील खार्चुडी)

 Ramphicarpa longifora (Tutari, तुतारी)  

मायाजाल... Network of traps by Drosera Indica

Utricularia Purpurascens (सीतेची आसवे )

Murdannia Lanuginosa (Marsh Dewflower, अबोलीमा)

Aponogeton satarensis, (वायतुरा) 
Above plant isendemic to kass and only found at kaas plateau in the world.

There are many many more beauties found at Kass other than above all images. And many of their colors and charm is not reproducible by any means of camera and lens, for example the vast expanse of the floral carpets of variety of hues can not be shown in limited space. You HAVE to EXPERIENCE it.!!  Image created in our brain with our best lenses of eyes are far more enthralling and stimulating........

Waterfall near Thoseghar.


Photographs taken with Nikon D200, Nikon D50 + tamron 90mm macro lens and 18-55 zoom lens.

(All above images are copyright of the photographer, and can not be reproduced in any other form without proper permissions, you can email me at


Hemant said...

Hi Ritesh,
Wonderful Photographs and they enhance under your superb sense of photography. Yes, but like you said the beauty of the Kaas Plateau is for the eye to behold, no photography can capture the essence of the beauty that can be held by the eye and transferred to the brain and in turn to your heart.

Rajendra Shinde said...

Dear Ritesh, Amazing photographs with amazing clarity! Rajendra Shinde

Anu said...

wow!!! what fantastic pics!!! have been wanting to go there for a long time... wondering when I will be able to go!

Dilip Mundkur said...

Superb photographs ! and it was great to be on the trip with you. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and pictures :)

Sagar Mhatre said...

Lovely images and images, Ritesh !!!! TFS.

The Legend Returns said...

Great work... some amazing shots there you've got! I had been there last year and it is truly a sight to behold... couldn't agree with you more on the point of following rules and respecting nature!

Tulsireddy said...


Awesome pics, thanks for sharing with us. It seems Drosera turns out to be your favourite of all the plants....:-) hope to see many more in future...
best regards

Sailin Gudhka said...

Excellent pics, Thanks for sharing

Dr. Salil Choksi said...

Great pics, Ritesh....enjoyed them thoroughly

Dr. Salil Choksi said...

Great pics, Ritesh - enjoyed them thoroughly.

Yash Gaikwad -BHATKANTI said...

Fantastic snaps and very useful information baout the flowers on palteau!!!
Great work brother!!!
Keep it up!!!

Yash Gaikwad -BHATKANTI said...

Fantastic snaps and very useful information baout the flowers on palteau!!!
Great work brother!!!
Keep it up!!!