Monday, September 19, 2011

Uran Road near Killa Gaothan - 18 sept 2011

It was a perfect sunday morning in mid-september to get cravings to get out of bed early morning, pick up camera to go out for to watch greenary flourishing after the constant rainfall. It is also good time for wild flowers and one can cheer to see them and overcome the boredome of rainfalls. So i set out towards the palm beach road, vashi and decided to run away from city towards Uran side. I could continue towards Uran and then stopped just after the Panvel creek to check out some water ponds formed after rains.

The first bird that crossed the path was Yellow Eyed Babbler, perching atop a thin shrub branch, and the sunrays were just out to beautify the bird. Ashy prinia came on the same shrub and proudly kept warbling it 's sharp tune. I had set out of home to photograph the flowers and bees, not birds this time. So i went ahead, and stopped at a spot to spot spotted doves spotting food from ground and there came spotted munias. :) out of them dozens were unspotted, guess why? because those were fresh generation juveniles.

often we kept on following trails to find out birds, but sometime sticking to just one place and watching whatever passes by, makes wonders...While going little ahead, I stopped at the WHITE PLUMBAGO plant, to photograph flowers which were different than the regular ones of wild seasame, wild moonge, wild lady finger and brazil jute. So i remained near the plant for next hour. I kept enjoying the scene from camera viewfinder, where the numerous perfect water spheres resting on slope of grass blade appeared like precious jewels. Many of the spider cobwebs near around were decorated with chain of several such water pearls.

Water pearls - surface tension works for droplets to form perfect sphere


"Plumbago Zeylanica" - A rambling shrub found in shrub jungle, forest edges and fallow land. It is feed plant for caterpillars of zebra blue butterfly.

Many buttreflies were fluttering around spot, those visited the shrubs around I could identify were, the Common Rose, Common Crow, Blue tigers.

A mongoose crossed the path ahead twice and disappeared. Spooted munias settled on a small puddle on the path. Yellow eyed babbler came again, and sat and sang a while to highten the mood, and so that I can turn deaf ear to the crows perched atop a dead tree. Red whiskered bulbuls were whisking from here and there, as the pied starling warmed its vocal cords too.

Wasp's going on wasp? errrr...whats going on wasp?

A wasp was seen on the same plant, doing something, upon closer look it was devouring something, I dont know whats the type of caterpillar.

Few dartlets darted too, It was routine for every single small big lifeform, to do their best to survive, to take advantage of best season. Spiders were many with their cobwebs and were having their catch.

Dartlet ? Damslfly ? help pls.


tiny BUG

This was a very very tiny bug moving slowly on the grass blade. I was bugged so horribly by the limitations of macro lens and camera's focusing system, getting just one good frame of the bug, moved my tired legs and left the plant and the place.


(clcik on images to see larger versions, all images shot with Nikon D200 + tamron 90 mm macro lens)


Anuradha Shankar said...

what fantastic photos!

tauruskvs said...

Nice pix ritesh

Rohit Chakravarty said...

Nice blog Ritesh sir!
The damselfly is a Senegal Golden Dartlet (Ischnura senegalensis)