Monday, October 3, 2011

Kombadbhuja village - birding experience

There are small villages Kombadbhuja and Ganeshpuri on the way to Panvel as we cross the panvel creek after the killa gaothan at the end of Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai. I remember, 3-4 years before Jacob from navi mumbai once took all the birders to introduce to the places on this road.

We tried to bird around these villages as they appeared promising as the rains have filled the water bodies around them. During early September we visited the place and it was raining for some time and we waited in the car. Even though, we could see many birds in the vast water body and the mix of shrub and mangroves. This weekend visits to nearby are had been tremendously fruitful and has stimulated this report to share with all.

Major highlights were "Eurasian Wryneck" and "Pied Cuckko". Migrant species were also seen including "Long tailed Shrikes", "Marsh Harriers", "Citrine Wagtail", waders including "Redshanks" "Little Stints". Majority of birds included ashy and plain prinias, red and spotted munias.

The list of birds which were seen is as following.

1.Barred button quail
2.Lesser whistling duck
3.Spot billed duck
4.Eurasian Wryneck
5.Common Kingfisher
6.White throated kingfisher
7.Green Bee eater
8.Pied Cuckoo
9.Rose ringed parakeets
10.Wire tailed swallow
11.Blue rock pigeon
12.Laughing Dove
13.Spotted Dove
14.Common Sandpiper
15.Green Sandpiper
16.Little Stint
17.Black Winged stilt
18.Red-wattled lapwing
19.Gull-billed tern
20.Black Kite
21.Brahminey Kite
22.Eurasian Marsh Harrier
23.Little Cormorant
24.Little Egret
25.Intermediate Egret
26.Great Egret
27.Little green heron
28.Black crowned night heron
29.Grey Heron
30.Indian Pond heron
31.Painted stork
32.Glossy ibis
33.Eurasian Spoonbill
34.Long tailed shrike
35.House crow
36.Jungle crow
37.Eurasian Golden Oriole
38.Black Drongo
39.Indian Robin
40.Oriental Magpie Robin
41.Common Stonechat
42.Asian pied starling
43.Common Myna
44.Red vented bulbul
45.Red Whiskered bulbul
46.White eared bulbul
47.Ashy Prinia
48.Plain Prinia
49.Booted Warbler (call)
50.Jungle babbler
51.Yellow Eyed Babbler
52.Crested lark
53.Purple sunbird
54.House sparrow
55.Citrine wagtail
56.Baya Weaverbird
57.Red avadavat
58.Spotted Munia

58 number is encouraging, its more than half of the Uran list.

It shows there is huge potential to explore the new areas, for the selfish purpose of joy of birding. :)

Few photos to follow.....

Ashy Prinia


Spotted Munia
Barred Button Quail female - calling from grass line.

Cheers and Happy Birding ....!!!

----- Ritesh Bagul, Viju Chirayil


Dheeraj V said...

excellent snaps. which camera and lens?

tauruskvs said...

hi ritesh
nice pix.
do let me know when you are going birding in navimumbai or uran/panvel. can join you.